Business Rates

Individual Plan Packages

 Package Options Price Per Square Foot
5-80 0.30
100-140 0.25
160-190 0.22
Unlimited Rights 200 0.21

Before Fees and Taxes.

for example: Spruce 700 (700 sq ft) at 0.22 a sq/ft for the rights to build 160 homes including Fee's and Taxes would be $29,200 CAD. 

Custom Plans

Want us to design something for you specifically? We can do that! Our pricing is 0.30 a square foot with renderings at an additional cost. These Custom plans can be exclusive to your business or can be made accessible on our site as well. All custom plans are sold as Unlimited Rights for a flat-rate of $59,250 CAD .  *some restrictions apply


Custom Plan Referral Program

Businesses who have had Terra Floor Plan design a Custom for plan for them, gain access to this referral program. Each referral which results in a successful order for a single custom plan will grant the business who refers a $2500 credit (up to six total for a total discount of $15000) off their next order. 


Multi-Story Multi-Unit Plans

Designed for companies which invest in real estate and plan on renting out the units to tenants or selling the units. Our Multi-story plan inventory is increasing gradually, so feel free to contact us if interested. 

Starting at $29,625 CAD to build a single building. 

$118,500 CAD - Unlimited Rights for a single plan (most preferred option)


Unlimited Subscription Options

12 month term commitment, can renew or cancel every 12 months. Businesses will have to sign a Subscription Agreement which would outline the terms of service.

 Pricing Subscription What Your Business Gets
$4,940/month Basic Business Access up to 5 Single Family Home Plans
$9,875/month Premium Business Access to all Single Family Homes Plans
$19,750/month Integrated Business Access to all Single Family Homes and Multi-story Multi-Unit Plans


Please Contact Us on how your business would like to proceed. 


*Multi-story Multi-unit custom plans will be billed out at our flat rate pricing for similar plans at Unlimited Rights for $118,500 CAD.